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AskAnalyzer : Giving Capacity Calculator

AskAnalyzer prospect analysis services includes this online capacity calculator based on a sophisticated algorithm which estimates giving capacity of your prospects and can provide an ask range specifically calculated for your organization. More about AskAnalyzer brand gift capacity calculations >>>>

When do you need a Giving Capacity Calculator ?

You have narrowed down your potential donors to your most likely prospects and you have gathered all the details you can for each prospect. You just need fine tuned solicitation amounts for these prospects. It's now time to run your numbers through AskAnalyzer's sophisticated giving capacity calculator to get your best estimates of gift capacity and ask amount.  What else do you get? >>

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Are you unsure of how much
to ask your prospect for?

Do you have a sense of your
potential donor’s assets but
don’t know what an
appropriate Ask might be?

You have come to the right place!

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