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About AskAnalyzer

Our interactive AskAnalyzer enables you to quickly assess the estimated giving capacity and ask range for a donor or prospect and store your capacity scenario for later editing.

Preview AskAnalyzer in a 9 minute video presentation when you sign up for a free trial account.

AskAnalyzer requests inputs from you regarding a variety of financial criteria as well as past giving and participation with your organization and provides a printable report you can also email. Simply enter the criteria you know and receive an instant giving capacity estimate and ask range!

This analysis tool allows development officers, prospect researchers, and other nonprofit professionals to quickly assess a potential donor or prospect. For researchers, imagine eliminating the guesswork of capacity analysis! With AskAnalyzer, you can quickly enter your prospect’s information to find an instant gift capacity. Development Officers can use AskAnalyzer as well to obtain a gift range based upon information you know - instantly delivered to your desktop.

AskAnalyzer allows you to run as many scenarios as you like and check multiple donors or prospects economically. You may also store those scenarios so that you can come back and alter information without having to input the entire scenario again.  Make sure you check AskAnalyzer before you make your next donor or prospect solicitation.

How does AskAnalyzer work?

AskAnalyzer is a sophisticated algorithm that takes gift capacity calculations to a new level by applying consistent logic, solid financial analysis, and current wealth study data.  Developed by a prospect researcher with years of experience in the industry, a financial analyst, and a software developer in response to real industry need, AskAnalyzer presents a comprehensive approach to gift capacity. Simply stated, AskAnalyzer takes the established prospect research rules of thumb that make sense (eliminating those that don’t) and synthesizes those formulas with hard wealth study data and financial principals to deliver the most solid estimated gift capacities and ask ranges available in the marketplace today.  Why leave dollars on the table? AskAnalyzer enables you to see the full gift capacity potential in your prospects and have the confidence to make the Ask.

What types of gift formulas are included in AskAnalyzer?

  • Private company ownership/earnings and revenue
  • Venture capitalist/private equity
  • Real estate
  • Public company insider
  • Private foundation
  • Liquid asset
  • Past estimated net worth
  • Liabilities/mortgage
  • Salary
  • IRS demographic salary data
  • Giving history internal/external

How should I use AskAnalyzer?

  • To develop a new estimated gift capacity rating after I have already researched the prospect or donor completely
  • To obtain a sense of gift capacity when I have some data available or have completed some research
  • To develop a more accurate gift capacity rating after a wealth screening rating has been assigned by a screening service and I have confirmed information delivered
  • To confirm an estimated gift capacity rating I have developed myself
  • To confirm an amount I suspect a prospect or donor can give
  • To segment and initial group of prospects about whom I have limited information

Why should I use AskAnalyzer?

  • To provide a consistent approach to capacity analysis
  • Real-time capacity and analysis delivered right through the web
  • Allows user input of data for more accurate results
  • The only gift capacity tool with inclination and likelihood of additional assets sliders to help determine ask range
  • Has more inputs/criteria than any other gift range tool
  • Formulas reflect latest giving trends and study data
  • Makes gift capacity calculation easy!

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